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The only thing that makes me sink

Is the taste of a bitter sleep. 

Always a risk. For a great reward. 

Laying in bed drifting off, bored.

I shut my eyes and try to creep

Into that blessed peak. 

No pain, no loss, no double-cross. 

Just dreams of adventures

Forever lost. 

My only comfort. And my only pain.

Enough to drive a man insane. 

Dream of love. Dream of rain. 

In the end it’s all the same. 

Why did I love such a terrible horrid monster. 

I don’t remember all of my dream, but I remember the last part. 

I was sitting in a circle with my friends. We were doing a ritual for something. I for some reason took charge and found the whole thing extremely serious. I yelled,”And YOU need to accept what’s going on!” to one of my friends. Not sure what I meant by that. But after that I passed out on the floor and didn’t respond until my friend said,”Bonjour!” 

And for some reason that made me start spewing French. Yelling and screaming in French at everyone. Words I am no where close to knowing. (I’m learning French in real life, but didn’t know these words. Or if they were even words or if my mind was just making them up.)

Not really sure what this dream means if anything. 

“There were girls,
bringing water.
Like a dream they came,
to cool the fever of my brain.
And sooth my burning throat.
And they made me a necklace
hanging beads of sweat
on a string of my regrets.
And placed it ‘round my neck.
And they were singing,
“Don’t you do.
What you’ve wanted to.
Yeah, don’t destroy yourself,
the way those cowards do.
Maybe the sun keeps coming up
because it’s gotten used to you.
And your constant need for proof.”

—   Brighteyes

Funeral games


Funeral games

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Had a dream that I was in school again. But futuristic. 

I had a dream about a beautiful moth. And for some reason I smashed it. 





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Angel of Death


Angel of Death

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After everything we’ve been through, Doctor. Everything

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